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Measuring and Installing a Base Mounted Minipost Glass Pool Fence

This video shows how to measure, mark, drill, adjust, fasten down and install a Glass Pool Fence using a Base Mounted Minipost.

Base Mount Minipost Installation Video

This video goes through all of the steps that are required to install a Glass Pool Fence using Base Mounted Miniposts. It shows how to - Measure your pool and pool fence boundary - Create a mud map or use the PDS Pool Calculator - Marking out your panel gaps and minipost centres - Fitting the miniposts - Installing the glass

Glass Pool Fence Regulations & Safety Requirements

Glass Pool Fences are an extremely important method of stopping potential drownings of children. This happens every year with alarming consistency. Before you even consider installing your own Pool Fence we insist that you read up on State and Federal Pool Fence regulations before engaging in ordering and installing your own glass pool fence. We have listed below some of the key websites you should visit, read and understand before starting your project. Click above to find links to your State.

Polaris Glass 2 Glass Installation Video

This video goes through all of the steps that are required to install a Polaris soft close hinge. This is for the Glass 2 Glass version

Safely Transporting your Pool Panel Package

Health and Safety is a very important factor when dealing with heavy glass packages. Please ensure you read our handling instructions before moving our Pool Panel Package.

Maintenance of your Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is 'stain less' it is not stain proof. This means it needs regular maintenance. This is more frequent if you are close to the Coast. Also make sure you clean your Stainless Steel after doing any major work around your pool. Small particles of particular compounds may be harmful.